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Pink Car Shampoo

Pink Car Shampoo
Item #:E-203
Size: 16 ounces $11.00
 32 ounces $16.50
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  • Highest Concentration Of Cleaning Agents

  • High Foaming Soap

  • Eliminates Hard Scrubbing

  • Best Car Wash Shampoo

  • Removes Dirt and Grime With Ease
  • Lane’s Pink Car Soap is a high foaming shampoo that is safe for all vehicles including: Cars, Trucks, SUVs, RVs, Motorcycles, Boats and Aircraft. Lane’s Pink Car Shampoo contains the highest concentrate of cleaners cutting through mud and grime quickly, efficiently and safely. Just 1-2 ounces of this high concentrate car shampoo is all you will need to create those soapy suds you desire.

    This professional car shampoo is a favorite among professional detailers because the high concentrate of cleaners virtually eliminates all hard scrubbing allowing them to work smart, not hard. Whether your car is new or used, Lane’s Pink Car Shampoo will provide you with exceptional cleaning power. Grab yours today and see how the use of Lane’s Car Products turns Amateurs into Pros.

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