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Car Air Fresheners

Professional Car Scents Are Appealing to Your Nose

Most people know that every person has unique fingerprints, but it is not common knowledge that everyone enjoys different smells. Studies have actually proven that scents not only affect people's moods, they also affect things like work performance and personal relationships! Everyone enjoys different scents, and smelling the right scent can give you a little rush of energy or can put you in a good mood. Smells are an extremely personal thing, and is why car air fresheners are so important.

Spending Time In Your Car

The average person spends just over two hours in their car per day. If you spend 8 hours sleeping, and 8 hours working, you're spending a quarter of your not-working/not-sleeping life in your vehicle! That is one reason the new car smell is so intoxicating, especially if your old vehicle has no freshener in it. If you have a car air freshener in your vehicle that is a scent that you enjoy, every time you get into your car you can take a deep breath and can relax, or can get revved up. The trick is in finding a car air freshener that is perfect for you.

The Right Scent

If you're looking for the right car scent, we can help! We have everything in our water-based lineup from new car smell, to leather scent and even fruiter smells like strawberry and bubble gum. We have a large selection of car air fresheners that are not available anywhere else, making it easy to find the perfect scent for each person. For instance, maybe smelling cinnamon reminds you of pies that were baking in your grandmother's house? A cinnamon scent new car air freshener might calm you down after a busy day and make you feel good. Do you love the smell of leather? A leather smell car freshener might be just the trick. Or maybe you miss the vacation that you took to a tropical island? The tropical odor eliminator scent will take you right back to the calypso drums and the drinks with little umbrellas in them.

And now you don't have to have something dangling from your rear view mirror unless you want to, thanks to the invention of the air freshener spray. This spray allows you to be able to make your car smell fresh for days with just a spritz or two. You can keep one or two (or even three) air fresheners in your glove box and obtain a new car scent any time you want!

Whatever car scent you're looking for our wide array of car air fresheners can help you to make your car an enjoyable place to be no matter how much time you spend in it.

Have a car air freshener in mind, we can help. Call today and get the right car scent to keep your car smelling fresh. Not sold in stores. Exclusive car scents from Lane's. In stock and ready to ship. Call Toll Free 866-798-9011!