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Aluminum & Chrome Wheel Polish

Aluminum & Chrome Wheel Polish
Aluminum & Chrome Wheel PolishAluminum & Chrome Wheel PolishAluminum & Chrome Wheel Polish
Aluminum & Chrome Wheel PolishAluminum & Chrome Wheel PolishAluminum & Chrome Wheel PolishAluminum & Chrome Wheel Polish
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  • Best Aluminum And Chrome Wheel Polish

  • Shines And Protects All Wheels

  • Professional Grade Wheel And Metal Polish

  • Keeps Wheels Protected And In Showroom Condition

  • Protects Against: Corrosion, Oxidation, Rust, Water Spots, and Harsh Weather
  • Now you can give your wheels the ultimate protection, mirror finish and slick feel all in one with Lane’s Wheel Polish. Harsh environmental fallout can dull your aluminum and chrome surfaces. Lane’s Wheel Polish excels in preventing corrosion, oxidation, stains, rust, tarnish and water spots while sealing in deep shine and protection.

    Before you start to polish your wheels, it is extremely important that you clean them in order to eliminate any loose debris, dirt and grime from your wheels. Use Lane’s New Aluminum wheel cleaner for aluminum wheels or Lane’s Safe Wheel for chrome wheels. Once you have thoroughly cleaned and dried your wheels, you can begin to polish.

    To apply Lane’s professional wheel polish, use a wax applicator or dry microfiber towel. Make sure that the polish is applied evenly using a wax pad or dry towel to apply the aluminum and chrome polish to your wheels. Be sure to apply the polish evenly to your wheel, using ample pressure while rubbing in a circular motion.

    Once the aluminum and chrome wheel polish has dried completely, you will want to remove the polish by buffing the wheels with a soft, clean cloth. Polished wheels will turn heads anywhere you go giving your ride that much deserved attention.

    Instructions for Wheel Polish:

    Chrome Wheel

    We always recommend applying Lane’s Wheel Polish after a thorough cleaning of your wheels with Lane’s Aluminum Wheel Cleaner Aluminum Wheel Cleaner or Chrome Wheel CleanerChrome Wheel Cleaner.

    Apply Wheel Polish

    Step 1 – Apply Lane’s Wheel Polish to an Applicator.

    Apply Wheel Polish with Applicator

    Step 2 – Evenly massage the polish onto the wheel with the applicator.

    Let Wheel Polish Sit

    For the ultimate protection, it is best to let the polish sit on the wheel for 25-30 seconds before removing.

    Remove Wheel Polish with Microfiber Towel

    Step 3 – Now that you have let the wheel polish sit on the wheel you can remove with a clean Microfiber Towel.

    Wheel Polishing Kit

    For tougher jobs, we recommend using Lane’s Wheel Polishing Kit or Spot Buffing Pad Kit.

    Polished Wheel

    After completing these few easy steps, you will notice a distinct difference in your wheels.

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