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Vinyl Cleaner

Vinyl Cleaner
Vinyl Cleaner
Vinyl CleanerVinyl CleanerVinyl CleanerVinyl Cleaner
Item #:E-129
Size: 16 Ounces $11.50
 32 Ounces $16.00
 1 Gallon $48.00
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  • Best Vinyl Cleaner

  • Very Concentrated

  • Eliminates Scrubbing

  • Great For Cleaning Soiled And Dirty Surfaces

  • Used By Professionals

  • Trigger Sprayer Included With 16oz And 32oz Sizes
  • Heat and UV rays can rob your vinyl of valuable moisture which can lead to your vinyl drying out, and to cracking and peeling over time. This can be duly avoided through some simple cleaning and conditioning to keep your vinyl looking its best. Introducing Lane’s Power Clean, the safest and most effective vinyl cleaner that will save you time while providing you with a clean vinyl auto interior.

    Make cleaning your auto vinyl interior a part of your car cleaning process on a regular basis. By using Power Clean Vinyl Cleaner as part of your routine, your vinyl will be clean of dirt and debris that can mar your interior.

    After a thorough cleaning, condition your vinyl to keep it soft and flexible with Lane’s Interior Shine. Simply wipe on the conditioner and then wipe down with a soft clean microfiber towel.

    Following these simple steps will ensure that your auto vinyl stays nice not only through the Winter but the rest of the year as well!

    Power Clean can be used in the Tornador Car Cleaning Tool.

    Car’s Dirty Vinyl

    Instructions for cleaning the dirty vinyl and plastic surfaces in your vehicle (including dashboards, control panels, consoles, vents and moldings):

    Spray Lane’s Vinyl Cleaner

    Step 1 – Spray the surface you are wanting to clean with Lane’s Power Clean Vinyl Cleaner.

    Microfiber Towel to Clean Vinyl

    Step 2 – Next take a microfiber towel or interior detail sponge (strongly recommend) and lightly scrub the vinyl or plastic surface to break up and remove the dirt and grime.

    Clean Vinyl Console

    As you clean you will notice a distinct difference.

    Wipe Vinyl Clean with Microfiber Towel

    Step 3 – Now that you have cleaned the surface of the vinyl and plastic, wipe clean with a microfiber towel.

    Once your vinyl is clean you are ready to apply Lane’s Interior Shine Vinyl Conditioner.

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