Wheels & Tires

Grape Dressing

Grape Scented Dressing Protects And Conditions Rubber Prevents Cracking Great For Tires And Vinyl Makes Tires Look New Trigger Sprayer Included With 16oz And 32oz Sizes Grape Tire Dressing has a pleasant grape scent and is recommended for those who prefer the satin finish associated with new tires. This purple colored tire dressing is formulated with exceptionally high viscosity silicones to produce that rich, long-lasting shine on all rubber and vinyl surfaces. Protecting and conditioning your rubber surfaces is a vital step in the prevention of cracking and discoloration. Grape Tire Dressing is used by professional auto detailers on a daily basis. This professional tire dressing can be applied easily with a sprayer or with tire dressing applicators. Pick up a bottle today to keep your rubber surfaces protected, you will be glad you did.

Tire Gel Shine

Lane's Tire Gel is formulated to give your tires the ultimate protection with a high-gloss finish. You will have a great shine that lasts for weeks not days. Tire gel is a favorite among car enthusiast and now you can treat your tires to the best ultra thick formula that will keep your tires looking new.

Super Blue Tire Shine Dressing

High Shine High Gloss. Streak Free Sling Free Tire Dressing. Keeps Tires Looking New – Wont Turn Tires Brown. Withstands Rain And Weather. Silicone Dressing.

Black & White Tire Cleaner

Great on whitewalls and blackwalls.

Aluminum Wheel Cleaner

Clean your wheels with Lane's New Aluminum.

Lane's New Aluminum is a diverse cleaner that can tackle them all from gas tanks for truckers, pontoons, horse trailers, 18 wheelers and your everyday aluminum wheels. Order Lane's New Aluminum today and bring your aluminum back to life.

Safe Wheel Chrome Wheel Cleaner

Best Chrome Wheel Cleaner Safe For all Wheel Finishes Including Custom, Painted, Polished And Powder Coated Wheels Professional Strength (non-acidic) Begins Working Instantly & Eliminates Hard Scrubbing Used By Auto Detailers And Car Dealerships Trigger Sprayer Included With 16oz And 32oz Sizes Lane’s chrome wheel cleaner is specially formulated to clean all wheels including chrome, painted, aluminum and mag wheels safely and effectively. Removing dirt, grime and other contaminants without affecting the chrome or custom finish on your wheels has never been easier. Simply spray Save Wheel on your chrome, allow 5-10 seconds, wipe wheel with a mitt or towel and spray wheels clean with water.

How to - Tire Cleaning

Your tires are one of the most neglected parts of your vehicle. Cleaning tires might seem difficult or tedious but this is not true when using Lane’s Black & White Tire Cleaner. Lane’s Black & White Tire Cleaner is a bleach based cleaner that virtually eliminates the hard scrubbing that has detoured you from cleaning your tires in the past. Spray on Lane’s concentrated tire cleaner and watch it begin to attack the dirt and grime instantly.