"Super Cut" Scratch Remover

Introducing Lane’s Super Cut, an auto scratch remover, used for removing minor clear coat paint scratches. Super Cut, a professional auto scratch remover contains no abrasives which makes removing scratches safe and easy. Purchasing a new car is one of the most exciting purchases you will make. Remember, the next time you get those unwanted auto paint scratches, grab your bottle of Lane’s Super Cut scratch remover.

Clay Pad Car Polish Paint Rejuvenator

The Paint Rejuvenator is a polish, while the Antee Web Wax Applicator contains clay which deep cleans your automotive clear coat eliminating swirl marks, providing a smooth surface.

Touch - Up Shine Auto Detail Spray

Best Auto Detail Spray High Shine Spray Wax Clay Bar Lubricant Used By Professionals Can Be Used To Shine Chrome And Glass Trigger Sprayer Included With 16oz And 32oz Sizes Lane’s Touch Up Shine is a quick way to give your paint the instant just waxed look. This professional auto detail spray removes dust, fingerprints and smuggles in a blink of an eye. Saving time and keeping your paint looking great between extensive detailing is the secret. Touch Up Shine is safe for all paints and clear coat finishes.

"Triple Play" Swirl Mark Remover

Great For Buffing Swirl Marks Swirl Mark Eliminator Can Be Applied By Hand Or Buffer Removes Light Scratches Polish, Wax And Glaze In One Swirl Mark Remover Made Easy With Triple Play Lane’s Triple Swirl Mark Remover is a state of the art which combines the power of a cutting polish to remove oxidation and glaze all while removing and or minimizing swirl marks. Darker color paints tend to show swirl marks more readily than lighter colors. Even if both colors exhibit the same amount of swirl marks, the same steps need to be taken. Triple Play can be applied with a buffer or by hand. Using a buffer when applying this product will speed the process up guaranteeing your cars paint a deep shine and reduction in swirl marks. With a little effort you can have swirl-free paint without investing in a new paint job. Grab a bottle today you will be glad you did.

7" Buffer Polishing Pad Wax Kit

This kit starts with the 7" variable speed buffer. There is no job to big or small. Whether you want to remove oxidation, or just buff out paint blemishes, this buffer will do it all. Now, you can purchase a professional buffer for a great price.

How to Wax - Detailing Your Car

The Experts know! We don't just sell car wax. We use all of our car waxes on high-end auto and truck details through our parent company, Fast Lane Mobile Detail, LLC. Our customers demand the best car wax on the market today, and we delight them every day by using Lane's Professional car wax products. Try our Best Car Wax and our Paint Sealant sealer wax. Both of these car wax products together will amaze even the most critical car fanatics. Once you try Lane's car waxes you will experience the difference between a professional grade car wax product and other brands sold at the retail store level.

Trim New Plastic Color Restorer

Lane's Trim New will convert faded plastic and molding back to original color with a brilliant shine. Now, you can restore and protect your sun faded trim, bumpers and plastic mirrors with ease. This professional grade sealant restorer spreads like butter and it easily turns all plastic and bumpers from old to new. Keep your exterior plastic looking back to black.