Tropical Odor Eliminator

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Tropical Odor Eliminator Scent Car Air Freshener
  • Odor Eliminator
  • Removes Smoke Smell From Vehicle
  • Water Based Scent
  • Trigger Sprayer Included With 16 oz And 32 oz Sizes

Tropical Odor Eliminator is a water-soluble deodorant concentrate that is formulated to control and eliminate unwanted or unpleasant odors. Tropical Odor Eliminator destroys odors related to smoke, mildew, pets and any other unpleasant odors. If you are a smoker and want to eliminate smoke smell Lane’s powerful odor eliminators will do the trick.

Tropical Odor Eliminator is used by professional auto detailers and auto dealerships nationwide in new and used cars. You can now control and eliminate the odor related to smoke smell, pet urine, mildew and any other unwanted odors instantly upon application of Tropical Odor Eliminator. This odor eliminator is easy to use and will have your automobile interior odor free fast!

Directions: Spray Tropical Odor Eliminator full strength on carpets, in vents, under dash and seats.

Instructions for use:

Lane’s Car Products Clean Vinyl

1. Clean all fabric (headliners, seats, carpets) with Lane’s Dry Foam, vinyl and plastic (dash board, doors and control panel) with Lane’s Power Clean, and leather surfaces with Lane’s Leather Cleaner.(Cleaning these surfaces prior to the application of Tropical Odor Eliminator will allow the scent to perform at maximum capacity by adhering itself to a clean, odor free surface.)

Tropical Odor Eliminator2. Spray or mist over desired surface(i.e. under seats and dash, on floor boards, and inside vents)



Odor Eliminator3. Repeat process if and when needed.