Swirl Mark Remover

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Auto Paint Swirl Mark Remover
  • Great For Buffing Swirl Marks
  • Swirl Mark Eliminator
  • Can Be Applied By Hand Or Buffer
  • Removes Light Scratches
  • Polish, Wax And Glaze In One

Swirl Mark Remover Made Easy With Triple Play

Lane’s Triple Swirl Mark Remover is a state of the art which combines the power of a cutting polish to remove oxidation and glaze all while removing and or minimizing swirl marks. Darker color paints tend to show swirl marks more readily than lighter colors. Even if both colors exhibit the same amount of swirl marks, the same steps need to be taken. Triple Play can be applied with a buffer or by hand. Using a buffer when applying this product will speed the process up guaranteeing your cars paint a deep shine and reduction in swirl marks. With a little effort you can have swirl-free paint without investing in a new paint job. Grab a bottle today you will be glad you did.