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Sap Zap Tree Sap, Tar and Adhesive Remover

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  • Removes Tree Sap, Tar and Adhesive
  • Clear Coat Safe

Protecting your paint requires removing tree sap, tar and adhesive which left untouched will damage your clear coat finish. This is a common problem in spring and summer months as the weather warms and melts contaminants causing clear coat damage.

Forget damaging your paint with harsh scrubbing, use Sap Zap and a microfiber towel to remove your tree sap, tar and adhesive safely and effectively.

Removing tree sap, tar and adhesive is easy with Lane’s Sap Zap as this cleaner is safe for all painted surfaces. To use spray Sap Zap directly on sap, tar or adhesive residue area, with a gentle wiping motion of your microfiber towel over the residue area. Keep the residue area moist until it is gone. Repeat on other areas using a "Fresh" area of the Microfiber towel.

Use Lane's Car Wax or Paint Sealant on cleaned area as Sap Zap will remove pre-existing wax.

Size: 16 oz Sprayer Included

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