Terms of Use for New-Year 2023 Offer!

Use "CAR20" to Get FLAT 20% OFF on Car Care Products.
Offer only applies to products from Car Scent, Washing, Wheels & Tires of these three categories.


What kind of products will be included in New Year Sale?
All of the products we sell on and must lie under categories named Car Scent, Washing, Wheels & Tires will be on sale, from car freshener, and car washing soap to tire shine products and tools along with car care kits!

By when these combos and offers are valid?
You can leverage our exclusive combos and offers for the next 30 days.

Can I use coupon codes on any products?
Unfortunately, No.
The coupon code "CAR20" is only applicable on products that lie in the Car Scent, Washing, Wheels & Tires categories, and will apply when the order value is at least $75+.

How to get Extra discounts on my cart?
You can use the code "CAR20" to get a FLAT 20% discount instantly, but if your cart value is above $150 you’ll get free shipping worth at least $12.

Are there any hidden terms and conditions for offers?
No, there are no hidden T&Cs. To get flat 20% Off, you need to have a minimum of $75, and for Free shipping order value should be a minimum of $150.