Lane's Power Clean Vinyl Cleaner

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Car Vinyl Cleaner

Add Lane’s Power Clean Vinyl Cleaner to your maintenance routine to keep your vinyl seats looking like new for years to come. When you try this product, you will notice the difference instantly. This product is made from a super concentrated formula that eliminates scrubbing and leaves your vinyl interior immaculate. Professionals agree: Lane’s Power Clean is the best vinyl cleaner on the market.

UV rays and heat from the sun cause vinyl to dry, crack, and peel. Avoid damage by keeping your vinyl seats clean and conditioned with Lane’s Power Clean Vinyl Cleaner. Go the extra mile and apply it with the Tornador Car Cleaning Tool and finish with Lane’s Interior Shine Vinyl Conditioner.

  • Concentrated formula eliminates scrubbing
  • Available in 16 oz. and 32 oz. Spray Bottle, or 1 gallon jug.


Car’s Dirty Vinyl

Instructions for cleaning the dirty vinyl and plastic surfaces in your vehicle (including dashboards, control panels, consoles, vents and moldings):



Spray Lane’s Vinyl CleanerStep 1 – Spray the surface you are wanting to clean with Lane’s Power Clean Vinyl Cleaner.




 Microfiber Towel to Clean Vinyl

Step 2 – Next take a microfiber towel or interior detail sponge (strongly recommend) and lightly scrub the vinyl or plastic surface to break up and remove the dirt and grime.


Clean Vinyl ConsoleAs you clean you will notice a distinct difference.




Wipe Vinyl Clean with Microfiber TowelStep 3 – Now that you have cleaned the surface of the vinyl and plastic, wipe clean with a microfiber towel.Once your vinyl is clean you are ready to apply Lane’s Interior Shine Vinyl Conditioner.