Fabric & Carpet Protector

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Fabric Protector

New aerosol Fabric Protector provides easy, VOC compliant protection to fabric, carpet and upholstery.

Fabric Protector is easy to use and will protect your carpet, fabric and upholstery. If you have new carpet, upholstery, fabric or just want to protect your existing upholstery using Lane’s Fabric Protector is a breeze.

To achieve maximum protection for your fabric, thoroughly clean the fabric and apply Fabric Protector over the entire area. Now, you can focus on detailing other parts of your car knowing you have the ultimate protection. Lane’s Fabric Protector is designed for the true car fanatic that wants to keep their upholstery fabric and carpets looking their best. Auto dealerships use Lane’s Fabric Protector on new and used cars after they have been detailed and cleaned.

Directions: Hold fabric protector upright about 6 inches from fabric. Spray with a slow sweeping motion until evenly covered and overlapped. Before using allow fabric to dry for at least 3 hours! Recoat multiple times for added protection.