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Detailing Equipment For Your Auto

Using the right auto detailing equipment and tools is essential for auto detailers and shops. However, if you are an auto fanatic that loves to detail cars, use us to benefit from the same auto equipment used by professionals. The difference between Lane’s professional auto detailing tools and any other comes down to the equipment that we offer in the auto care and detailing industry. Our products will save you time and ensure that your car will always look its best. Purchasing professional grade auto detailing equipment will set you apart from other individuals when it comes to the finished project. Whether you are focused on exterior care or the interior care of your car having professional equipment is essential.

Auto Detailing equipment & Tools For Your Professional Auto Care

Your exterior paint takes a beating from sunlight, snow and other elements that can destroy your paint. Using the right car washing supplies with a pressure washer will speed up the process for removing bug residue and other contaminants that stick to your paint.

Once your car is washed and dried apply a professional car wax to protect your clear coat finish. Save time and achieve professional results with a car buffer. There are many different types of polishing pads that can be used to complete this process. However, foam buffing pads are more forgiving and will do a nice job. Using a car polisher will provide an even waxed surface that even professional detailers will envy.

Auto Detailing Equipment For Your Interior

Vacuuming your carpets can improve the appearance of your cars interior. Although there are many different kinds of vacuums having a small car vacuum that packs the punch is a plus. A professional vacuum can save you time for fast clean up.

Every auto interior has carpets. However, dirt is more prevalent on lighter colors. There is only one way to deep clean carpets and ensure that all of the dirt is out. Professional detail shops rely on carpet extractors to get this job done right the first time. Carpet extractors come in different sizes and shapes. Not only are they good to use for auto detailing, these tools will do wonders in your house as well.

Car Detailing Brushes Make Detailing A Breeze

Whether you have cloth interior or leather, good detailing brush tools will save you a lot of elbow grease. There are many different styles of car care brushes. Detailing every part of a car is essential. Purchasing detailing equipment tools is a must for any car detailer. Don’t overlook detailing brushes that will save time.


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