Chrome Wheel Polish and Chrome Wheel Cleaner Kit Item K-1021

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Chrome Wheel Cleaner & Chrome Wheel Polish Kit

Lane’s Safe Wheel is a non-acidic wheel cleaner that is designed to clean chrome wheels effectively and safely. Safe Wheel will clean your cars chrome wheels instantly. This incredible chrome wheel cleaner is designed to clean and brighten even the dirtiest chrome wheels. Lane’s chrome wheel cleaner will surprise even the most hardcore car enthusiasts with its amazing cleaning ability.

Wheel Polish will clean, polish and protect Aluminum and Chrome wheels! Wheel Polish removes corrosion, oxidation, stains, rust, tarnish and water spots while restoring metals to original brilliance! Wax and natural oils seal in deep shine with long term protection.

Instructions for Lane’s Chrome Wheel Polish & Chrome Wheel Cleaner Kit:

Use Lane’s Safe Wheel to remove dirt, grime and break dust from your chrome, painted or powder coated wheels. For additional information, visit the Chrome Wheel Cleaner page.

Lane’s Wheel Polish will protect your wheels making them easier to clean in the future. For additional information, visit the Wheel Polish page.