Car Wash Supplies

Get Professional Results with Our Car Wash Products

The most important step in your car's appearance is car washing. This step is often neglected especially when the weather turns bad. However, taking time out of your schedule to wash the dirt, grime and contaminants from your paint will keep your car clean and preserve your car's clear coat finish.

Washing a car is not science. However, using the right car wash supplies will provide better results and will save you time. Before you grab a cheap bottle of car wash soap remember this is your car, one of the biggest investments you will make. If you wax your car on a regular basis, the worst thing you can do is use cheap car wash products. They will only strip your existing wax, leaving your paint susceptible to damage.

Lane's car wash products are designed for the professional, as well as the weekend warrior. We understand car washing, in fact, we do it every day through our parent company, Fast Lane Mobile Wash & Detail. All of our car wash products are designed to provide maximum use of ease, while having the cleaning strength to wash away dirt and grime safely and effectively. Lane's Car Wash Soap will not strip your existing wax, but rather leave you with a car wash and wax look!

I know a lot of people are compulsive car washers, however, keeping your car clean does not mean washing every day. I would suggest washing your car at least two times a week. A good spraying between regular washing will be helpful in removing contaminants. Always remove bugs, bird droppings, road tar and tree sap, the leading causes of clear coat damage. Wash them off immediately. Paint damage will occur if not removed.

Believe or not there is an art to washing a car. However, everyone has their own style of washing. While you incorporate your style be sure to use the right car wash supplies. By this I mean use a car wash mitt, car wash brush and/or micro-fiber towels suitable for your paint. This does not mean running to the grocery store and picking up a set up towels cut from t-shirts. You would be better off washing your car with your bare hands.

For additional savings on keeping the exterior of your vehicle looking its best, be sure to check out one of many of Lane's car detailing kits.

Lane's offers the finest car wash supplies, which will keep your paint safe while washing. Check out our wide selection of wash mitts and micro fiber towels. All of our products are designed to make car washing affordable and safe. The next time you wash your car, grab some professional car wash products and supplies from Lane's.

Note: Wiping your car with detail spray after cleaning with Lane's car soap will protect your paint and clear coat finish and provide a car wax shine.

If you have any questions about any of our products or technical questions about our website, call us at 1-866-798-9011 to speak to a knowledgeable and informative customer service representative. We are happy to help you find the right product for your vehicle. Protect and enhance your vehicle's surface with any of our high quality, affordable prices and you'll notice a real difference.