What Can I Use To Clean The Vinyl In My Car?

Keep your car interior looking shiny and new with Lane’s car vinyl cleaner. Using professional grade vinyl protectants to achieve this result makes the maintenance process even easier for you. After a thorough cleaning, finish your car interior detailing professionally by conditioning your vinyl to keep it supple and flexible. Simply wipe on the Vinyl Protectant and then wipe down with a Microfiber Towel which is best, or a clean terry cloth or cotton rag. Caring for your vinyl by following these simple steps will ensure that your vinyl lasts as long as your car!

How To Clean Car Vinyl

If the interior of your car is vinyl, it will last a lot longer if you clean and condition it on a regular basis. Vinyl care is easy as long as you remember to clean before conditioning. Lane's provides the best vinyl care cleaning products especially for this purpose including professional grade Power Clean. Don’t forget to check out our kits allowing you complete several processes with one purchase.

We know there is not one type of car vinyl, so we carry a variety of vinyl cleaning products:

  • Leather Vinyl Cleaner
  • Turbo Shine
  • Ultra Shine
  • Best Dashboard Protectant

Along with these products, we have car detailing tools to help make this job easy and even fun, including gloves, dash duster, mat clamp, and more.