Cleaning Your Wheels and Tires Made Easy With Lane's

Cleaning Your Wheels and Tires Made Easy With Lane's

Posted by Lane's Car Products on 21st Jan 2016

Cleaning your wheels and tires will add the finishing touch to any vehicle. If you want to give your car that extra pop, just follow a few steps that will guarantee to give your wheels and tires the ultimate protection and shine. Lane's offers a true professional wheel cleaning kit that will allow you to achieve the same professional results as a detail shop. The secret is in the products, which allows you to work smarter not harder.

Everyday driving can cause brake dust build-up and tires to discolor. To minimize the destruction of your wheels and tires, you should clean them on a  regular basis. The wheel cleaning products below are concentrated and designed for true professional results. These products are not offered in retail stores and are used in auto detail shops nationwide.

Cleaning your wheels has never been easier with Lane's New Aluminum. This wheel cleaner is acid based and will clean the brake dust from your wheels in seconds. You will not find any other wheel cleaners on the market that will compete with this professional strength aluminum wheel cleaner. For best results, simply spray the wheel cleaner on your wheels, lightly wipe the wheel then hose the wheel off. Just like that you will see a new bright aluminum wheel.

Cleaning your tires has never been easier with Lane's Black & White Tire Cleaner. This tire cleaner is a concentrated formulated bleach cleaner. This cleaner works on all tires including white walls, white lettering and plain black tires. For best results, simply spray the outer wall of the tire, scrub with a tire brush and hose off. Just Like that you will see the dirt and grime run off your tire.

Shining and protecting your tires has never been easier with Lane's Super Blue Tire Shine. This professional grade tire shine is a silicone base that will provide the ultimate protection and shine. You will not have to worry about the rain as the water will bead up on your tires without turning them brown. For best results, make sure your tires are completely clean and dry. Spray Super Blue Tire Gloss around the outer wall of the tire.

The final step is to add the wheel protection. This is achieved with Lane's Wheel Polish. For best results make sure your wheels are clean and dry. Take a wax applicator pad and apply Lane's Wheel Polish in a circular motion over your entire wheel. Allow 5 minutes for the polish to dry. Remove the polish with a micro fiber towel. You will notice a slick protected wheel. This will make future wheel cleaning a breeze.

You can get all these products in a Chrome Wheel & Tire Cleaner Kit