Battery Chargers

Thor, Peak, Samlex and Go Power's high frequency, fully automatic portable Smart Battery Chargers are your strongest ally when you need a fast, safe, efficient charge. Patented features include True Engine Start and Alternator Voltage Check to determine if the alternator is outputting within typical voltage range. Models include 2 to 50 amp continuous charge rates with up to 150 amps of true engine starting power.

State-of-the-art microprocessor technology charges batteries up to two times faster than conventional linear chargers. Current is kept stable throughout the entire process for a more efficient, higher quality charge. The charger automatically compensates for low AC line voltage or extension cord use. Engine-start models quickly start your engine even under extreme temperatures.

Fully automatic, digital controls monitor every stage of the charging process to deliver 100% of the rated output. They automatically distribute the appropriate, maximum amount of power for a full safe charge. Exclusive digital LED display keeps the user informed of the battery's condition and diagnostic fault codes, through each charging stage.

Built-in safety features reduce the danger of reverse hook-ups, sparking and short-circuiting. By regulating the voltage levels and charging current to a maximum safe predetermined level, the internal microprocessor protects the battery, the vehicle's electrical system, and on-board electronics. You can trust our battery chargers to never overheat or overcharge your battery. Automatic shut-off occurs at full charge.

Lane's Battery Chargers are the most revolutionary line of fully automatic chargers in today's market, are simply smarter, safer and faster.