Wheel Bands Defending Rims With Style

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Wheel Bands Defending Rims With Style

Wheel Bands, a new innovation for wheel rim protection. Do you have minor scratches or scuffs on your wheel rims from road hazards during low speed maneuvering situations like parallel parking or hitting curbs? If so, Wheel Bands are what you need. Wheel Bands add a defensive barrier to your wheel rims that can help reduce or avoid minor scratches and scuffs.

Wheel Bands are easy to install on the outer rim of your vehicle’s wheels and add color styling to your rims. There are currently 10 colors to choose from. Wheels Bands are a universal fit product for wheel sizes from 13” to 22” provided that the outer rim has at least a ¼” (6 mm) wide flat for proper mounting of the tape back mounting track.

The Wheel Bands patented design has three simple components, a snap-in plastic color insert, a plastic mounting track and an acrylic foam attachment tape which is applied to the mounting track during the manufacturing process.

Wheel Bands colored inserts and mounting tracks are produced in extruded plastic coils with a formed in radius that allows for one coil diameter to be used across a range of wheel sizes. They are made of a light weight plastic and are mounted around the full circumference of the heavier front face of the wheel. Wheel Bands have been tested to be undetectable on commercial wheel balancing equipment.

Mounting Requirements:

Wheel Bands will fit any wheel which has at least a ¼ inch (6 mm) wide flat surface around the rim for the attachment tape to bond to. The Mounting surface should be free of any standing ridges caused by spoke design or by damage to the rim prior to installing Wheel Bands. Allow for clearance between Wheel Bands and the tire surface so that they are not damaged by low pressure tire situations.

Wheel Preparation:

Wash wheels with warm water and a detergent or a spray on oil and residue removal product immediately prior to installing Wheel Bands. Wipe the rim surface clean with a solution of 75% or more isopropyl alcohol. DO NOT use any wax or shine products on your wheels or tires after washing because they leave residues on the wheel surface which will reduce the adhesion of the 3M tape backed Wheel Band to your wheel. DO NOT use any product containing silicone BEFORE installation of Wheel Bands.

Required Materials:

Mounting Track
Color Insert
Isopropyl Alcohol Wipe
Application Tool
Cutting Tool (Not Supplied – Anvil type pruning shears provide the best flush cut on tracks and inserts)

Wheel Bands will not protect rims from damage in high energy impacts such as hitting pot holes or curbs while driving at road speeds. After curb impacts where minor or no damage is observed the color inserts should still be checked to make sure they are still properly snapped in place. A properly installed Wheel Band can remain in service on the wheel if the sections of the attachment tape that have been become damaged or totally separated from the wheel surface do not exceed 4 inches (100 mm) in length in any one section of the Wheel Band and no more than 25% of the entire circumference of the wheel. In cases where damage exceeds these guidelines, the Wheel Band should be fully removed from the wheel and replaced as necessary.

Tire Changes:

It is best to install Wheel Bands with a new set of tires. The Wheel Bands warranty does not cover damage to Wheel Bands during tire changes. It is best to remove color inserts from the Wheel Bands before starting tire changes. Using soft-touch or no-touch tire mounting equipment is best. Mounting of the tire back on to the front face of the wheel should be started in a location as far away from the Wheel Band mounting track end joint as possible. If damage occurs, follow the guide lines above.

Removing Installed Product:

Wheel Bands can be removed after installation by prying up at the joint ends of the mounting tracks. Slowly pull the mounting track away from the rim surface. Residual attachment tape left on the rim surface can be removed by dabbing or spraying on a citrus cleaner product and allowing it to stand for approximately 5 minutes. The residual tape can then be rubbed off with durable clean cloth. If a good citrus cleaner is not available, mineral spirits or other strong solvent can be used. Be sure to use isopropyl alcohol to fully remove any oily residues if immediately re-installing Wheel Bands.