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Rubbing Compound & Scratch Remover

Using the right Rubbing Compound to Remove Paint Scratches

Now you can restore shine to your car's paint while removing scratches with rubbing compound. Whether your paint is new or your are just looking to restore luster to your old baby, rubbing compound can ease your problems. Using the right polishing compound is essential on clear coat finishes. Lane's polishing compound is a synthetic cutting compound that safely brightens and cleans your paint without the abrasives that could damage your clear coat layer.

Using a buffing compound will reduce those annoying minor scratches otherwise left untouched can lead to the formation of rust.

Prepare your auto before using Polishing Compound

First it is important to wash your car using Car Wash Soap to remove surface dirt and grime buildup.

Next, using a clay bar to remove contaminates will provide a clean, smooth clear coat finish ready for compounding.

Finally, apply Lane's Rubbing Compound by hand using a wax applicator or for better results, an Auto Buffer and Polisher. Rub continously with pressure until it dries and remove polishing compound with a microfiber towel.

It is imperative that you protect your investment by waxing your car after brightening it with Rubbing Compound.

Note from Lane: On a daily basis, we remove minor surface scratches by using the steps above in my auto detailing business. For best results, I would recommend using a variable speed buffer with a wool polishing pad.