Low Pressure Foam Lance with Bayonet 14.0349

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Low Pressure Foam Lance with Bayonet

MTM Hydro's 1100-2600 PSI Professional Foam Lance with 1.0 Liter bottle. Wash your vehicle with foam with Lane’s Professional Foam Lance. The Foam Lance combines a low pressure water flow mixed with detergent and air to produce thick clinging foam, giving your vehicle a touch-free wash from a high powered foam gun. It is amazing!

There are many benefits of using the Foam Lance. The most important being the hands off approach to cleaning. The Foam Lance sprays a thick coat of foam to loosen dirt providing a pre-soak which will minimize hand-washing. On dusty or slightly dirty vehicles you may not need to hand wash. Therefore, car washing made easier.

The Foam Lance can only be used with a pressure washer with a minimum of 1.4 GPM to 2.4 GPM flow and at least 1,100 PSI with a maximum of 2600 PSI. It attaches to the pressure washer the same way your wand attaches. It has an adjustable intake which can increase or decrease the amount of soap drawn into the water flow therefore adjusting the amount of foam created. Disperse thick foam to up over 20 feet and at more than a 30 degree cleaning radius, it can be sprayed on a small or large area. The Foam Lance has enough power to actually white-out a vehicle.

For best results, use Lane’s Car Wash Soap in the Low Pressure Foam Lance. Pour 1 ounce of Car Wash Soap into the plastic bottle, hook it up to your pressure washer and let the foam fly. It may take some experimentation to get the right amount of Car Wash Soap to get your preferred dilution.

Maintain your Foam Lance by rinsing and thoroughly flushing with clean water. Failure to do so, will clog the filter causing the Foam Lance to not operate properly.