Door Edge Paint Protection Film

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Door Edge Paint Protection Film

Ever since I can remember going back to my first car, I always wanted door edge protection. I would put either chrome or black, bulky plastic or rubber door edge guards on all the doors. It would stop the door from getting chips, but did nothing for the look of my vehicle and you could see them a mile away.

Now you can protect your door edges and hardly see that they are there. From a few feet away you can not even see them. Today's vehicles have many curves and the doors edges also go with the flow. Our clear door edge strips are extremely pliable and can make all the curves of the door edges.

So, now you make the call. What would you rather have? Pretty simple, huh?

Our strips are clear polyurethane protective film that is 8 mil thick. The film is also puncture resistant so you shouldn't need to keep replacing it every time your door accidentally hits another car or wall. All that needs to be done is to wipe the edge clear of wax. Then follow instructions and in a few minutes your doors are protected.

Our product is guaranteed not to crack or discolor. Why put on those bulky plastic protectors that can easily been seen that you find at your local auto store or catalogs, when you can have the same protection that is almost invisible? Check out prices and quality. NOBODY COMES CLOSE!!!!

Includes 4 door edge guard strips that can be cut with a scissors for a custom fit.

Door Edge Protection Step 1Step 1: Clean the door edge on both interior and exterior surfaces using the alcohol/water solution and a clean lint-free cloth.

Door Edge Protection Step 2Step 2: With the film liner still in place on the door edge guard film, hold it to the door edge and check for fit. Trim to the desired length.

Door Edge Protection Step 3Step 3: Spray hands with the alcohol/water solution. It is not necessary to wet the film or the vehicle with solution due to the narrow width of the film. Fingers wet with the solution will not leave fingerprints in the adhesive.

Door Edge Protection Step 4Step 4: Remove the liner, being careful not to touch or contaminate the adhesive.

Step 5: Beginning at the top, press the film onto the door surface with about half of the width on the door edge, and half extending beyond the door edge. Continue down to the bottom of the film.

Step 6: Carefully fold the film around the door edge, beginning at the top and moving down.

Step 7: Check for air bubbles and ensure that all surfaces are well secured with finger pressure.

Step 8: Allow the adhesive to set up and dry for at least 24 hours before washing your vehicle.